• We’re a team of builders, thinkers, explorers and creatives.

    We approach work with high energy, positivity and commitment to bring sustainability in a meaningful and approachable way to you and your company.

  • Our Core Team


    Alizée Buysschaert

    CEO & Managing Director

    Background: Alizée’s background is deeply rooted in sustainability and the circular economy. She was a pioneer in China by founding Zer’0Waste Shanghai and bring the concrete application of sustainability to corporations, schools and government institutions. She pursues her career with passion and the conviction that everybody can be an actor of change and the greater good. She’s also an avid runner and cyclist.


    Specialities: Circular Economy | Environmental Science | Leadership | Public Speaking | Pedagogy

    Assets: Passionate about the outdoors and connecting with people, Alizée drives a lot of energy and compassion from the world around her. Change is her constant. She’s an optimist, a creative soul, a hard-worker, sometimes stubborn.


    Eva Garcia

    Marketing & Communications

    Background: With more than 15 years of wide experience in international companies working in Marketing and Communication, and being part of the management team that have turned a small retail business into a well-known Spanish fashion brand, Eva is the creative brain behind this project.

    Her Marketing and Communication team went from managing a communication budget amounting 300 k€ to 10 Million €.



    Specialities: Brand Building | Strategic Communications | Digital Marketing | Content Creation | Social Media | Creative Campaigns

    Assets: Passionate about communication. Working for a better and sustainable world is her hobby. Goal-oriented and make things happen, passionate, creative, hard-worker, enthusiastic and optimistic.

    Paula Cuenca

    Business Development

    Background: Argentinian born Paula Cuenca is an artist, a facilitator, passionate about nature and about sharing experiences to reconnect with each other.

    She has 10 years of corporate experience working in different industries. She had helped companies to developed new products and close international deals. She currently works in Zero Waste Shanghai in Business Development, as a workshop facilitator and project coordinator.


    Specialities: Business Development | Zero Waste | Team Work | Public Speaking | Pedagogy | HR | Accounting Consultancy

    Assets: She advocates to the motto that we can always be and do better. She believes Zero Waste is the real solution to our climate problems.

  • Our People



    Content Writer.

    Natal lives in China for more than 5 years and still has some years to go! Her educational background was always connected with Chinese studies, however after two years of working in the field she realized her true desire is to help the planet, so she switched to continue her studies in Environmental Education, that is currently her PhD, research focus.


    Content Writer & Translator.

    Practitioner of zero waste, believer of the power of aligned intention and action, lover of nature, player of the written words, whisperer of parrots, collector of books, and seeker of truth.


    Content Writer.

    Marina is an Italian girl living her adventure in China.

    She is a nature lover, she finds peace walking along the seaside or hiking in the mountains. She thinks that everything in nature has a deep connection with each other and we have the responsibility to protect and respect it.

    She loves everything that is not mainstream and considered very different. She is sure that every time we encounter something different we have an opportunity to learn more about ourselves. Culture and language lover, she is trying to give her contribution to help the planet to be a better place for all its inhabitants.


    Project Manager.

    American living in Shanghai. As a nature lover who caught the travel bug many years ago, my wanderlust is the cause of my urgency to preserve the beautiful planet we live on. With a background in environmental sciences and environmental health, I have worked for and with countless environmental organizations. I specialize in environmental education and community engagement, with experience working on multiple clean water and air initiatives.


    Translator & Content Writer.

    100% made in China, my name Chengye is pronounced as follows:

    CH as in China,

    ENG as it is (or like "un" in French)

    YE as in Yeah!

    So if you call me "Chinayeah", I won't complain at all.


    Returning from studies in France in the beginning of 2013, I’ve been working in digital marketing, business analysis and entrepreneurship (chou-shop.com). I try to contribute to the green world with the power of knowledge and words.


    Content Writer & Editor

    Made in Italy, based in China, 100% powered by coffee and chaos. Mother of cats, I'm a proud aunt of 8 nieces and nephews.

    My call for the planet is my hope for their future: I want them to live, enjoy, and explore this beautiful planet as I did, learning and being inspired by the rhythm of nature.


    Content Writer.

    Hailing from hot and humid Thailand, Sandy has been in Shanghai since 2017 and is currently enjoying all the convenience and quirks of this incredible city.

    What she doesn’t enjoy is the amount of environmental damage and waste that people have been creating through their lifestyles, with Sandy also being equally guilty. So, she decided to start helping inspiring organizations like Zero Waste Shanghai to promote better awareness, and commit herself to a more sustainable lifestyle.



    Internship Vacancies



    Want to start your career working at a unique start up in China?

    Our team is young-spirited, dynamic, international and very creative.


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    Current Vacancies:


    1. Research Intern

    2. Content Contribution Intern

    3. Social Media Intern

    4. Translation Intern

    Volunteering Opportunities



    Our content team is always looking for enthusiastic people that would like to write about sustainable trends and topics, also we look for Chinese translators…


    If you want to learn about zero waste and circular economy philosophy towards writing or translating articles in a friendly ambience or remotely... join us!!


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